Cape Verde

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Synonymous with rich cuisine, with the traditional Cachupa, the well-known tuna steak, the Xerém, or even the typical Modjo from S. Nicolau.

The art of Morabeza, reflecting the warm welcome of the people, the symbol of Sodade, brought to us by the voice of Cesaria Evora, and of Cretcheu, the sweet and romantic side of a country.

A slow and tender melody like Morna and the hot rhythms of the Funaná.

Sal Island

The island has both natural and artificial salt pans (“Salinas”) and natural rock pools, such as the striking “Buracona”, located on the north-western coast of the island.

São Vicente Island

São Vicente is the second most populated island of Cape Verde and belongs to the “Barlavento” Group (“windward”), located in the north-east of the archipelago.

Santiago Island

Santiago, the largest island of Cape Verde, belongs to the Sotavento (leeward) island group. It is located at a straight line distance of 50km from Fogo Island to the west and 25km from Maio Island to the east.

Boa Vista Island

Known for its sand dunes and volcanic landscapes.


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